DOTA - I think that game critics should be getting preview code of DOTA 2 in the not too distant future. For now I'll have to make do with this t-shirt and wristbands from the game's Gamescom outing.

This is Why Some People Call El Shaddai a Visual Masterpiece

In a little over five minutes, I can show you why people who play the strangely-named video game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron rave about its graphics.

I knew this game was going be a visual feast. More »

The Stark Lines, and High Contrast of Dishonored

First-person action game Dishonored oozes style, but I'm still not clear on whether I should be excited about this game.
These new screen shots, released today, give some more glimpses of the Arkane Studios game that has you taking on the role of a supernatural assassin. More »

Twenty Different Faces For Each of Skyrim's Races

Not only are the faces in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim the most gorgeous the series has ever seen, they're also the most customizable. Check out 20 variations of each of the game's 10 races and see for yourself. More »

Kinect Star Wars Won't Be Home for Christmas

What might have been the perfect Christmas gift for the Star Wars gamer will have to find another special occasion to be gifted on, as Microsoft confirms that Star Wars Kinect and the Star Wars themed Xbox 360 have been pushed back indefinitely. More »

Bungie Aerospace Launches with Steam Punk Pirates

Bungie Aerospace is a Bungie label created to help small independent developers get their mobile and social games out there. The first Bungie Aerospace title is Crimson: More »

Dishonored is a Somethingpunk Shooter for Everyone. That Could Be the Problem.

I've been afraid to write about Dishonored. For weeks after I saw a guided demo in a room with other game journalists, I've looked at my notes and thought, Everything I have to say is negative. More »

GameStop Policy: Open Your Games, Steal Your Codes, Sell Game Like New

GameStop tells that they have been removing the codes for free copies of the OnLive PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from the new PC copies of the game they sell at their stores and selling the game, without the free bonus, as new.
The free Onlive copies were part of a deal that... More »

Thirteen Easy Steps For Kicking Ass in Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires Online is a fantastically fun strategy game. I've been playing it off and on since before its release with my son who is entirely new to not only the series, but the genre.
I figure he's likely not the only inexperienced gamer drawn to this flashy, new (sorta free) real-time strategy... More »

Check Your Fantasy Football League's Scores When You Play Madden NFL 12

The NFL's official fantasy football service, offered through, will be integrated into Madden NFL 12, updating gamers with scores and results from their leagues, standings, schedules and more.
The move, a first for Madden, helps drive interest to the NFL's fantasy offerings, one of the few... More »

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