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Kinect Star Wars Won't Be Home for Christmas

Illustration for article titled emKinect Star Wars/em Wont Be Home for Christmas

What might have been the perfect Christmas gift for the Star Wars gamer will have to find another special occasion to be gifted on, as Microsoft confirms that Star Wars Kinect and the Star Wars themed Xbox 360 have been pushed back indefinitely.


It started off bad and got a little better, but Star Wars Kinect still needs some time in the cooker in order for it to reach its "full potential."


Along with the game delay, Microsoft is also pushing back the release of the limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360, its R2D2 console and C3PO controller waiting until they've got a game worth celebrating before hitting the shops.

Here's what Microsoft tells us:

Microsoft and LucasArts have elected to move the launch of Kinect Star Wars beyond holiday 2011 to ensure the full potential of this title is realized. This move applies to both the Kinect Star Wars stand-alone game and the Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Console. We will communicate additional timing information at a later date.


That's right: There is no new date. A bad sign.

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Well, I'm happy about 2 things here: 1. They pushed back a poopy looking game to potentially make it less poopy. 2. The bundle has been pushed into next year, meaning I might have the loot to buy this sometime after Christmas.