Whoops! Week in Gaming Apps returns, sans your usual host Fahey, who has been playing with the high-stakes tamagotchi called "newborn babies." When they cry, you had better goddamn well feed 'em.

What games offer less risk (and, admittedly, not as much reward?) This week I flicked some balls on a virtual golf course, Luke plowed through zombie pedestrians, Crecente tackled Gameloft's latest, which we all thought was an Assassin's Creed knockoff, and McWhertor revisted an old-old-old PC game with some novel variations.


If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Backstab Delivers Buggy Free-Running, Cannon-Play and Piracy

Initially, I thought Backstab was Gameloft's unofficial take on Assassin's Creed (Never mind that they made an official take), but after spending a bit of time with it I'm starting to see that this go around the developer seems to have created a game that mimics the play of Assassin's Creed but drops it into a setting and story unusual to the franchise: the 18th century Caribbean. More »

Hard Lines, A Very Solid Snake for Your iPhone

Would you pay for a new version of the classic Snake for your iPhone? What if this version, Hard Lines, was one of the best variations on Snake ever, full of gameplay modes, pretty visuals and, believe it or not, humor? More »

1-Bit Ninja is a Sublime Paper Mario, Super Mario Mash-Up

At first blush 1-bit Ninja looks like another iPhone game knock-off, but spend ten seconds with the game and you'll dismiss that notion. Spend a minute with it and you'll be ready to toss your phone at the wall... and then pick it up and keep playing. More »

Zombie Highway Makes you a Highway Superstar

You can ignore the "zombie" part in the title; this isn't yet another zombie game where you're running around in the dark looking for ammo. It instead uses the flesh-eaters as window dressing for a simple, addictive driving game that has you trying to knock off zombies that jump onto your car, hell-bent on tipping you over.
More »

Drive Yourself Crazy With Flick Golf Extreme

Give me the power to steer my second shot in midair and I'd finally achieve golfing greatness. Flick Golf Extreme, by Full Fat, tries to impart some of this in its closest-to-the-pin challenge, available on iOS devices. In the game, you're trying to land your approach shot as close as possible to the hole, if not in it.More »