FALLOUT NEW YORK | I was going to include a photo of the Sonic cupcakes someone left at the front door of Gawker's NY offices. But I ate them before taking a picture, because I'm sort of like a dog when it comes to food. Sorry! (Photo by Jentern the Intern)

Wuthering Heights, Other Classics Eyed for Video Game Adaptation

Dickens, Bronte, Orwell, Stevenson; they're all rolling over in their graves right now. UK transmedia production company Tern Digital is in the process of turning classic John Buchan spy novel The Thirty Nine Steps into a video game with an eye toward converting other classics into games as... More »

The First Sublime Seven Minutes of Shadows of the Damned

Shadows of the Damned is a visually rich, quirky, imaginative game about a guy and his demon out to avenge the death of his sweetheart. It's also about 10 hours of not-even-slightly subtle dick jokes. You probably think I'm exaggerating. More »

L.A. Noire Headed to the Computer

Rockstar's interactive detective story L.A. Noire is coming to the PC this fall, the publishers said this morning. "L.A. Noire is a new type of game that makes players see through a detective's eyes in 1940s Los Angeles," said Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games More »

Happy Birthday, Sonic The Hedgehog. Here's How Not To Suck

Twenty years ago today, Sega released the first Sonic the Hedgehog videogame. It was a joyous occasion-and it was also my dad's 41st birthday. (Happy 61st birthday, dad.) Ten years ago today, Sega released the worst Sonic the Hedgehog game - More »

Evidence That Someone Loves Playing Duke Nukem Forever Online

There's been a lot said about Duke Nukem Forever, not much of it good. But we're slowly starting to hear from people demonstrating how they love the throw-back shooter in their own ways. Last night it was a couple of buddies who popped open some beers and played the game side-by-side. More »

New Rainbow Six Might Be the Most Innovative Shooter in Years

While Ubisoft's still-secret, yet-to-be named Rainbow Six game skipped an E3 appearance this year, it is still very much in the works we're told. Here is our first look at early, rough images leaked to us from the game, a game that promises to mix the former glory of the hard-as-nails tactical... More »

Does Breaking Bad Now Star Video Game's Lost Hero?

This poster, recently slapped up on the walls of some of New York City's subway stations, advertises the next season of AMC's Breaking Bad. But gamers like me who look at it will probably see something else. Gordon Freeman, hero of Half-Life, is that you? This is Freeman as he appears on the box... More »

What Is America's Fetish This Week? Penises

Dicks. Cocks. Penes. Half the population has them, and they've been the object of fascination for centuries-whether that be the physical organ itself or the phallus. More »

Jamie Kennedy's Still Sensitive About His Trainwreck of an E3 2007 Hosting Gig, Apparently

Jamie Kennedy, star of Son of the Mask, Malibu's Most Wanted and Wii game Real Heroes: Firefighter doesn't always deliver brilliantly inspired performances. More »

Suspected Lulz Hacker Told Mom He Was Gaming, Not Hacking

The teen linked by international law enforcement to anarchist hacking group LulzSec told family he was spending his days and nights locked in his room gaming, not hacking, the Mirror reports. Ryan Cleary, 19, was arrested earlier this week in connection with a string of attacks on websites around... More »

I don't know how Sonic's birthday was, what with all of the demands that Tim is putting on him in his young adult years, but I had a wonderful Sonic's Birthday. The highlight was sitting at my desk in Gawker offices, eating Sonic-decorated cup cakes and watching an early screening of tonight's episode of Retro Game Master. Best. Sonic. Birthday. Ever! –Brian Crecente

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