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Evidence That Someone Loves Playing Duke Nukem Forever Online

There's been a lot said about Duke Nukem Forever, not much of it good.


But we're slowly starting to hear from people demonstrating how they love the throw-back shooter in their own ways.

Last night it was a couple of buddies who popped open some beers and played the game side-by-side. Today it's Randy Pitchford, whose Gearbox Software managed to wrap the game up and get it out the door.


In this video we see Pitchford gathering to his side a phalanx of celebrities (of a sort), gaming, game culture and Internet folk. He even brings in Ted Price, president and CEO of Insomniac Games.

Their goal? To beat each other up in four-versus-four team death match. That the game comes out looking like something you might want to play with friends in the process is probably more than just a happy coincidence.

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Cake Tank!

Looks like a blast. I don't have the game yet, and I keep hearing people talk shit about the game, but it looks to be just what I've been missing.