LOS ANGELES | A show attendee wears a box on his head as he walks the Los Angeles Convention floor during the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 7, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Tomb Raider Hopes to Recreate a Gaming Icon

Don't think of Tomb Raider as an origin story, think of it instead as a sort of metaphorical creation myth, a game that won't redefine just who Lara Croft is, but also the world in which she exists. Gone not only is her over-sexualized physique, two guns and ponytail, but also her past, her way of... More »

How Do You Stop a Team Fortress 2 Addict From Playing?

Playing video games is normally a harmless hobby, but when a game consumes every single waking hour of your existence there's a problem. Commenter Wtfisthisidonteven is looking for help breaking his little brother's Team Fortress 2 habit in today's very special episode of Speak Up on Kotaku. More » More »

Dig These Minecraft Pads

Joining a host of t-shirts and fridge magnets born of a Minecraft licensing deal are these foam pickaxes and sticky notecubes. Now you can wear a Minecraft Union shirt and smack around a block notecube with a faux pickaxe while you kill time waiting for the game to finally launch. The notepad,... More » More »

Troll Faces and Empty Jackets Populate This Animated Look At the Hacker Civil War

Next Media Animation's army of computer graphic animators churned out a story today neatly encapsulating the week's escalating hacker wars. LulzSec, depicted as the bad guys in this video, are responsible for attacks against a number of sites including Sony, The Escapist, Minecraft and Eve... More » More »

One Very Odd Circus of Video Games

They call it E3, which isn't that cool a name. Absurdly, you may have also heard, that E3 is Video Games, or what (some/most) of the big, rich companies in the gaming industry would have you believe is Video Games. That's kind of right. More » More »

Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Unite Inverted and Un-Inverted Gamers

During the same Nintendo developer roundtable where we were given a Tanooki suit history lesson, Nintendo godfather Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the new control scheme for Star Fox 64: More » More »

A Look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation in Action

Here's our first look at the next map pack coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops. In the video we get a quick walk-through of Annihilation's four maps: Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard. Hanger 18 takes place in Area 51 and is packed with conspiracy-theory Easter Eggs. More » More »

You Don't Have to Play Battlefield 3's Silly Pre-order Game to Get Its ‘Physical Warfare Pack'

Don't worry, Battlefield fans. You don't really need to engage in pre-order incentive nonsense for Battlefield 3, at least not if you want the "exclusive" weapons, ammo and add-ons that Electronic Arts is dangling in front of first-person shooter enthusiasts. Earlier this week, Battlefield 3, the... More » More »

What Is Japan's Fetish This Week? Foreign… Flair

Someone once told me, "Half-Japanese kids grow up to either be TV celebrities or porn stars." Flip on television, and there's half-British male model Joy selling Samurai Road 4 or singer Becky promoting her latest CD single. More » More »

Redbox Game Rentals Are Live

Starting Friday the denizens of grocery stores, Walmarts and gas stations nationwide can quickly rent video games from kiosks at $2 a day. Ignoring for a second the option to rent by mail through Gamefly, that means a month's rental will end up running you about the same amount you'd spend on... More » More »

Take Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Other Gaming Greats, add Jedi

Everyone loves Star Wars. If you don't love Star Wars, you're wrong. Some people love Star Wars so much, they want more things to be Star Wars. Forevergeek.com has taken 50 Star Wars Mashups from all over the internet and thoughtfully put them all in one place. More » More »

We've covered enough shows together Ash that you know I'm not a big collector of swag. Heck, I give away everything sent to me each year as part of a charity auction. But this year there were two things I kinda wished I had grabbed: That Minecraft box head up in the image and an autograph from the creators of Phineas & Ferb (they have a game coming out) for my son. He's a HUGE fan. Do you ever give your kids swag? –Brian Crecente

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