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How Do You Stop a Team Fortress 2 Addict From Playing?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Playing video games is normally a harmless hobby, but when a game consumes every single waking hour of your existence there's a problem. Commenter Wtfisthisidonteven is looking for help breaking his little brother's Team Fortress 2 habit in today's very special episode of Speak Up on Kotaku.

I'm having a problem with my 13 year old brother. Essentially, he is a computer addict. He literally plays AFTER waking up. He can stay there 10 straight hours without going to eat/bath. The guy just plays Team Fortress 2 all fucking day, checking out his stupid 'hat' business. My brother does have 'friends', but he never calls them or anything. Getting him out is a verbal fight every day. My parents tell him to turn off the PC when he is instructed, but when he gets the chance he turns it on anyway.


This addiction from him is driving me fucking nuts. Angel does not have a clear future. He lowered his grades this school year.

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Can someone PLEASE help me? This is turning into a filthy discussion every single day.

(Also, please do not suggest a psychologist; they don't "work" with him)