TANKS | Concept art for the inside of a tank found in a level of Modern Warfare 3.(Photo by X)

The Modern Warfare 3 Files: Exclusive First Details on the Biggest Game of 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is coming Nov. 8, 2011, Kotaku has learned, delivering with it mammoth battles that engulf a dozen cities around the world including New York, Paris and London.
Multiple sources have shared details of the game's story, art, sounds and game modes with Kotaku, noting... More »

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Features Battles in Brooklyn, Clash in Mogadishu

Packed with 15 levels set in locations around the world, from Manhattan to the catacombs of Paris, Modern Warfare 3's near-future campaign looks to be an experience that will top anything seen before in a Call of Duty game. More »

Where You'll Go, How You'll Kill, and Who Will Die in Modern Warfare 3

We've been gentle so far in our revealing of what we know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We've tip-toed through the minefield of spoilers, and tried to reveal only facts anyone would want to know. More »

When You See F.E.A.R. 3's Wall of Death, You Fucking Run

A gauntlet of enemies stands between your team and freedom. Behind you a rolling wall of instant death, relentlessly advances on your position. What do you do? More »

What Strange Gaming Habits Have You Picked Up Over the Years?

In today's installment of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Vlyke615 wonders what strange gaming habits we've developed over the years. It's sharing time!
Any of you that played games as a kid have a habit you still do to this day while playing any game? More »

Behold the Terrifying Dark Power of The Old Republic's Sith Inquisitor

The Sith Inquisitor class in Star Wars: The Old Republic is the living embodiment of the darkest shadowy corners of the Force. BioWare seduces players to the Empire's side with sexy new details about these dark sorcerers and assassins. More »

This is All You Really Need to See of Uwe Boll's Latest Bloodrayne Movie

Next month Phase 4 Films releases the latest movie in Uwe Boll's epic Bloodrayne series on Blu-ray and DVD, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, starring Natassia Malthe and her breasts. More »

What are SEAL Team Six and 'Black Tuesday' Doing in Modern Warfare 3?

A brief audio clip that we believe is a piece of the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 refers to SEAL Team Six, the unit widely assumed to have killed Osama Bin Laden in a raid in Pakistan earlier this month. More »

A Sworcery-Style Farewell to Electronic Arts

EA Tiburon online software engineer Ben Burbank quit his job today, but not without leaving a pixelated postcard to the people he met along the way, inspired by iPad adventure game Superbrothers: More »

This Handheld Shadow of the Colossus is a Beautiful Dream

Kotaku reader Maxwell passed along this wondrous mixture of old and slightly less old without any sort of source, so I'll just assume it sprang forth from the unspoken desires of gamers everywhere. More »

The Best Weird Video Game I Played Yesterday-and Hope You Play Next

If you live near downtown New York City or can get to downtown New York City some time in the next month, then all you need to know from me is that there's a video game in these parts that you need to play.
You shouldn't watch the video I'm posting here. More »

Who Steals Video Games From a Physically Challenged Seven-Year-Old?

Seven-year-old Michael Suhy of Rochester, Pennsylvania, suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy that leaves him confined to a wheelchair. One of his only outlets is his Nintendo DS, at least until it was stolen and traded in at GameStop for cash. More »

This Week in the Business: "Extraordinary Losses"

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...
QUOTE | "Extraordinary losses." - Square Enix describes its unfortunate financial state (losses this year to near $200 million) partially due to the Japanese earthquake disaster.
QUOTE | "Or they will lose developers." - PixelJunk... More »

Wow, that was a long day that somehow managed to go by very quickly. Total tangent, but it's beyond bizarre that so many readers don't seem to know what the definition of "biggest" is. I was shocked at how many people apparently use it as a synonym for best. Weird... Next week I'm in LA all week for pre-E3 Judges Week. Exciting times! –Brian Crecente

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