What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "Extraordinary losses." - Square Enix describes its unfortunate financial state (losses this year to near $200 million) partially due to the Japanese earthquake disaster.

QUOTE | "Or they will lose developers." - PixelJunk creator Dylan Cuthbert warns of developers jumping ship from PSN if Sony doesn't address the lost revenues for partners.

STAT | 13% – The hardware sales growth that Sony is claiming for the PS3 in April, despite the PSN disaster.

QUOTE | "Best E3 ever." - Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter's opinion about E3 2011 being a "win" for gamers because of the wide array of great content in the pipeline.


STAT | 900,000 – The number of Mortal Kombat copies sold in April's fantastic rebound month as the industry saw 20% growth in the U.S.

QUOTE | "Pent-up demand." - THQ CEO Brian Farrell's assessment of the open-world genre at the moment, suggesting that with no GTA, gamers will really be craving Saints Row this fall.

QUOTE | "Probably eclipse the PS2." - Analyst Michael Pachter's belief that the Wii at a new, low price can gain enough momentum to surpass PS2's record lifetime sales.


QUOTE | "Problematic." - Stardock boss Brad Wardell, who recently sold Impulse to GameStop, comments on the lost revenue for PSN developers.

QUOTE | "Blurs the lines." - Rockstar art director Rob Nelson on story and gameplay melding perfectly in LA Noire as the team "moves away from exposition cinematics."

QUOTE | "An aggressive campaign." - Lincoln Hershberger, Senior Director of Marketing on Battlefield 3, describes the extensive marketing already in place to counter Call of Duty.


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