In today's installment of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Vlyke615 wonders what strange gaming habits we've developed over the years. It's sharing time!

Any of you that played games as a kid have a habit you still do to this day while playing any game? This one in particular is just with racing but I still do it to this day. Not sure if it's out of habit while growing up or just the mind trying to "Trick" you into thinking that it'll actually work.

Last night I decided to play Mario Kart on my SNES. I popped the cartridge in, turned on the system, grabbed the controller and waited as the game was loading up. Nostalgia was kicking in reminding me of the times my brother and I would play this almost every day in the mid 90's. He'd always choose Yoshi, and I the Princess and we would usually play the Grand Prix. I enjoyed the GP due to you can help your friends out get ahead of the AI but at the same time do what you can to maintain first place. I press start, selected one of my favorite tracks Bowser's Castle 1, and selected Princess. Ready to press the button for the speed boost I was off. It wasn't until half way through the first lap round the corner after the first three jumps I realized that I was also turning the controller as if it were a steering wheel. I chuckled remembering that as a kid I would think that this would somehow help my character take corners better and improve my time. Seeing how I even did it yesterday, close to 15 years after its release, I must have done it with other racing games too.

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