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The Mother of All Motherboard Shoot-Outs

Chipset delays aside, Sandy Bridge has been one of the most anticipated and impressive releases we've seen from Intel in recent years. The first wave of processors have demonstrated superior efficiency as they swept aside considerably more expensive processors of previous generations, while consuming even less power. The Core i5 2500K and Core i7 2600K models have also delivered effortless overclocking potential without going for excessive price premiums. More »

New Skyrim Shots Feature Orcs, Cat-People, And The Dreaded Giant Spider

Giant spiders are a staple of fantasy role-playing games, be they pen-and-paper or console-and-controller. Bethesda shows off perhaps the most terrifying giant spider of them all in this latest batch of screens for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More »

Could Prey 2 Be Red Dead Redemption in Space?

Prey 2, as we expected, will be a very different sort of game then the original. Gone is the conflicted Native American hero. Gone too is the linear gameplay of the original. More »

First Look At Uncharted 3's All-New Multiplayer Mode, Now With Buddies, Splitscreen and High Fives

Soon, you'll be able to high five your PlayStation Network and Facebook buddies while standing over the corpse of Nathan Drake-and you'll be rewarded for doing so in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception's all-new online multiplayer component. More »

Sonic Generations Is Like A Dream Sonic Game, Except It's Real

Sega's next Sonic game, Sonic Generations, will let you play as classic, sidescrolling Genesis Sonic or as modern, control-him-from-behind-in-3D Sonic. You'll control either Sonic in levels inspired by three eras of Sonic games, from the originals, to the Dreamcast era, to modern times. More »

Rage's Dead City Is Surprisingly Lively

Just because there's an apocalyptic event doesn't mean the world's great cities crumble into dust. They just get a few new residents, as demonstrated in Rage's Dead City gameplay trailer. More »

Hands On With Uncharted 3's Three Team Deathmatch and Free For All Killfests

My first few minutes spent playing Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception in the game's multiplayer mode was dedicated to making my Nathan Drake and my Victor Sullivan look different from all the other Drakes and Sullys I was fighting against. I put a fisherman's hat on Sully, gave him a blue Hawaiian shirt, decked him out with rings. My Drake wore aviator sunglasses and wore a brick colored shirt, half-tucked, of course. More »

Screen-Free Week Goes On The Attack, Pushes TV-B-Gones

Screen-Free Week seems to be going guerrilla, calling not just for folks to avoid using their TVs, game consoles and computer screens this week, but to turn off other people's televisions. More »

A Video Game About The Anger We Can't Express

The creators of the video game Asura's Wrath think you might be holding back. They think that, if you're an adult, you might be bottling your rage. More »

Back from two weeks vacation, I'm now safely ensconced in both a new house and a new office, both in New York. Unpacking? Still doing it. I've somehow managed to misplace nearly all of my consoles. Hopefully I'll find them all soon. –Brian Crecente

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