Giant spiders are a staple of fantasy role-playing games, be they pen-and-paper or console-and-controller. Bethesda shows off perhaps the most terrifying giant spider of them all in this latest batch of screens for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Kotaku didn't make it to Bethesda's recent BFG event, where Skyrim was on display for all to see, but our friends at Rock, Paper, Shotgun were there, and they can attest to the terrifying nature of the arachnid in question.

The Giant Frostbite Spider, in motion, may well be one of the most frightening things I've ever seen.

With that single sentence I begin questioning whether or not I will be purchasing this installment of The Elder Scrolls series. I do not do well with spiders, virtual, giant, or normal-sized.

Luckily the spider is only one of RPS' 20 reasons to be excited about Skyrim, and the other 19 are quite compelling. Hit up the link to read all about them.

20 Reasons To Be Excited About Skyrim [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]