Sonic Generations Is Like A Dream Sonic Game, Except It's Real

Sega's next Sonic game, Sonic Generations, will let you play as classic, sidescrolling Genesis Sonic or as modern, control-him-from-behind-in-3D Sonic. You'll control either Sonic in levels inspired by three eras of Sonic games, from the originals, to the Dreamcast era, to modern times.


No special powers. No playable friends. Sonic Team is doing development.

On Friday, I played new versions of the original game's opening Greenhill stage , testing the classic and modern Sonic variations. As Classic Sonic, I ran from left to right, running and dashing. As modern Sonic, I was playing a three-dimensional game, running, jumping air-dashing, building a boost meter and tricking in the air. Both experiences were fun and felt true to their routes (though beware, reader, I grew up with a Super Nintendo, not a Genesis).

Sonic Generations will be out later this year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A Sega rep told me there's no Wii version because the game is fully HD. Odd. Sonic's been a star on Wii. They must have something else planned... (Sonic as a Vitality Sensor launch game? Make it happen!)

See the new Sonic Generations screenshots in the video above.

UPDATE: And here's the first gameplay trailer...


el Suprehombre


The problem I had on the 3D versions was poor controls with horrible gameplay. Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast was great. As long as you were Sonic. The rest of the team wasn't all that great. Sonic Adv. 2 just dumped it in the river for dead.

Yeah, the golden years are where it's at, but they need to find a way to reinvent the sonic games much like they've done with Mario. I've been saying for a long time, Sega take a step back, and give us some breathing room on this franchise. Just slow down your development.

Right now, this trailer looks awesome, and if they've done it right this is going to be a definite title for the franchise. I just hope they don't recycle some past ideas hoping to be a 'new' game.