Screen-Free Week seems to be going guerrilla, calling not just for folks to avoid using their TVs, game consoles and computer screens this week, but to turn off other people's televisions.

Today kicks off the week of screen-free time, hosted by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. What would you and your family do with an extra 20, 30, or even 50 hours a week, the site for the campaign asks.

Maybe you could use all of that extra time turning off the televisions of people not so into getting back to their non-television roots. The Screen-Free Week's website lists the TV-B-Gone device on their resources page for the event.

Under the listing for the device, which can be used to turn off virtually any remote-controlled television, the site says the gadget is a "great tool for zapping off some of those pesky screens during Screen-Free Week!" The site also gives you a 10 percent discount if you buy one.

Forced or by choice, do you think you could give up spare-time screen-time for a week? No TV, no video games, no casual net surfing.


Screen-Free Week