A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. It'd also indict me for making this.

The Nintendo 3DS' Time is Now

The 3DS isn't just another Nintendo portable. It's the successor to the Nintendo DS, one of the most successful gaming machines ever. A big act to follow.


Next month the 3DS will go on sale in the West. Until then, there's this guide to tide you over and tell you what to expect when it hits. More »

The Source of the Call of Duty Hoax is Revealed

The source of the stir created by a Modern Warfare-themed countdown site - believed to be announcing another sequel, or a competitor's - has been traced to a Canadian troupe set to debut a Modern Warfare film next week. More »

Your Guide to Video Gaming's Sportspocalypse

Sportspocalypse. Sportsmageddon. Spörtsnarök? Whatever you want to call it, the coming month is packed with sports video game releases - a seven-way showdown of licensed sports titles in a month that normally sees only two baseball games. How'd we get to this point? More »

Ratings Board Says Teens Would Find Swinger Game ‘Beneath Them'

Even though the game ratings authority in the U.K. says "the average 16-year-old would think everything in We Dare was beneath them," politicians, parents and media there are apoplectic that Ubisoft's ridiculous swinger-party game was rated a 12 - meaning suitable for kids. More »