Since this is the first chance I've gotten to do one of the new video day notes, I figured I'd demonstrate why I shouldn't be allowed to do these ever again by showing off baby pictures. Really early baby pictures.

The Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad Is Hideously Wonderful

The Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad Is Hideously Wonderful Can a specialized fighting game controller make you better at Marvel Vs. Capcom 3? PDP's Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad says yes. More »

I Disagree With Will Wright…

I Disagree With Will Wright...I respect Will Wright. He is one of the first game developers to really be a "game designer," helping form the foundation of what I do for a living today. The games he contributed to were really formative to me, especially SimCity, which I actually used as a class project in middle school, doing a paper on efficient city planning. I have had the opportunity to meet Will Wright at GDC a few times, even sharing a smoke with him. One cool dude.


However, I find myself having to disagree with him on his recent statements regarding telling story in games.More »

Lowbrow, Sure. But Bulletstorm Isn't Stupid

It's a musical edition of the daily Speak-Up on Kotaku today, as commenter Harrier entertains us with more than 25 minutes of Mario piano music, played nonstop and without the aid of sheet music. More »

The Week In Comics

My weekly comics round-up returns, though the list of promising new releases is short this time. A fitting disappointment, perhaps, in a week marred by the sad news of the sudden passing of superb comics writer Dwayne McDuffie, whose Milestone books were among my favorite comics reads of the 90s. More »

When Online Gaming Relationships Go Bad

Commenter WittyUserName thought he found a lasting online gaming friend in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, until the griefing started. Read about his gaming relationship gone sour in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku.More »