When Online Gaming Relationships Go Bad

Commenter WittyUserName thought he found a lasting online gaming friend in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, until the griefing started. Read about his gaming relationship gone sour in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku.

I just kicked a longtime friend off my friend's list.

There was this guy I played Bad Company 2 with a lot and we had a lot of fun. He was one of the nicer people on my friend's list and things were cool. I went a long time without the game and picked it up again recently.


I got introduced to his gaming buddies and we played on and off for a while.

Then one time I got added to a game on the opposing team. Things got weird. After a while, one other person in the party chat ended up on my team and followed me around as a medic. Okay, I thought. Nice to have a little support.

At some point, said friend and his friends found me and took me down. It happens. Then I get revived....only to get knifed. Dammit.

Then I got revived again. And knifed. And revived. And knifed. And revived. And knifed.


What the hell? At first, I thought it was because Nelson Bay was so dark that the medic was hiding in the rubble and reviving me without them seeing him. I wrote it off as nothing.

Eventually, I ended up playing against them again in another set of games and I was taking them apart like last time. Only we were on Arica Harbor this time. And that guy showed up as a medic again. I started to suspect something was up as I was Recon and the enemy team was waiting for me. He made no move to attack.


I got killed. And then revived. And then killed. And then revived.

There was no way they missed that medic this time. It was happening on purpose.

I was so pissed that I screamed a choice obscenity into a private message and kicked him off my friend's list.


I got no reply to that. That was last Wednesday.

Last weekend, I tried talking to him to maybe patch things up and got nothing but silence.


My question - Did I overreact? This was clearly griefing, but still...I'm not sure.

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