The Xbox 360 controller is $49.99 and offers a "precision aim" mode that slows down the analog controller's input to allow players to line up tighter shots. Some features also are re-mappable, and it comes in two designs.

The wireless PS3 controller is essentially the same except for the ability to charge it via USB cable. It's $49.99, too.

For those who want a dedicated Wiimote, for their Black Ops on that console, the $39.99 controller package doesn't deliver new functionality, just a cool looking design.

To power up the Wiimote, Mad Catz is making this lenticular inductive charger for $39.99.

The PC gaming mouse comes with a set of dogtags concealing a flash drive and also includes customizable precision-shot settings and five fully programmable buttons. It's compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP and runs $99.99

This is the dogtag USB drive that comes with the gaming mouse.

This is a $19.99 "gaming surface." To the rest of the world, it's known as a "mouse pad."