Sega and Platinum Games have released first screens of their upcoming third-person shooter Vanquish, the new action title from Resident Evil and God Hand director Shinji Mikami. They're pretty. Bayonetta pretty.

The "speedy" shooter—as clearly evidenced by the employ of motion blur—with a "high-tension" battle system is bound for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year, pegged for a winter release, at least in Japan. Vanquish has just about everything you'd need from a current generation shooter: bad-ass armor, big guns and plenty of sparks. Throw in some fast paced punchy-kicky melee combat and you might have the next great action game from Platinum.

Our first in-game look at Vanquish is much more action-oriented than the original debut trailer, a mix of live action and CG. Looking forward to seeing this in action myself... you?