Last week a box of 22-year-old cereal sold for more than $200 on eBay. Video game cereals died in the 8-bit era. Since then there have been four console generations - and zero cereal systems. That's where you come in.

This week's assignment: Create a game-themed cereal box whose crossover is just as cynical, whose contents are half as nutritious, and whose lifespan would be even shorter-lived than the Nintendo Cereal System of 1988. Considering the hundreds of games we've seen since then, this is the most open-ended 'Shop Contest topic to date. But don't be limited by that timeframe. If you want to do some Frosted Mini-Fairchild Channel F Wheats, have at it.


Your source material is basically infinite, but here is a very good site to get you started:

Cereal Box Covers at Cover Browser

There are some 850 cereal box covers spanning the history of 20th century breakfast at that link.


I am honestly expecting no fewer that four dozen Team Fortress 2 submissions, and at least one Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Cereal of the Official Game of the Movie. Get cracking! We'll round up the 20 best next week.

Note: Image dimensions cannot be larger than 800 pixels tall and 1200 pixels wide. Thanks.

Second Note: Do not email your submissions to me, to tips, or to any other editor. Post them in the comments below. The tool for uploading a picture should be self-explanatory although I do understand that sometimes it can be buggy or slow. Reload or refresh the page and try again. Links to image-hosting sites are not preferred but are an acceptable workaround if the comment system is being temperamental. Thanks.