IGN reports that Electronic Arts announced its five-on-five Madden NFL Arcade will release Thanksgiving week, a time of the year that already blends pigskin with parking one's self on the couch for extraordinarily long stretches in front of the tube.

Madden NFL Arcade will release Nov. 24 (Tuesday) on the PlayStation Network, and Nov. 25 on Xbox Live. It will cost $14.99/1200 Microsoft Points.

The above trailer shows some of the reality-defying gameplay you can expect, such as throwing three passes at once, freezing defenders in place, and the Washington Redskins scoring two touchdowns on offense. For a closer look at what this game's all about, Totilo wrote up his impressions about a couple weeks ago.

Madden NFL Arcade Drops The Week of Thanksgiving [IGN via Pasta Padre, video via Padre]