There are tons of stores selling Xbox 360 games and goods in Japan. Today, let's talk about a store that has just renovated its game section. Think of it as a reassessment of where the Xbox 360 is in Japan.

Or something.

The 5th floor of Tokyo retailer LABI Ikebukuro is all DS and Wii games. Right next to the elevators, there are two Wii demo corners, and one for the DS. Then there are three DS software sections, and one for the Wii.

Make note that one of the DS software sections and the Wii accessory section are next to the restrooms.

Arriving at the sixth floor, shopper are greeted by a rack of the latest games as well as two aisles of PSP and PS3 games. The black flooring echoes Sony's branding for the PlayStation line.

A little further, and there's an "Advice Counter" where customers can get help with games and accessories. Right after that is the PS2 software aisle. What's after that?

Oh. The Xbox 360 aisle. The aisle is the same size as the other aisles, but it isn't exactly a prime location — as the Japanese internet has noted, the Xbox 360 aisle is near to the toilet.

Recently, some in Japanese retail have expressed concern about the Xbox 360 in Japan. Things might look grim for Microsoft right now (and they do!), but its upcoming Natal motion control platform could provide a much needed Japanese sales spark.

ヤマダ電機はGK! WiiやPS3は専用ブースがあるのにXBOX360コーナーだけ便所の前とか [はちま起稿]