They happen every year: QuakeCon, the Woodstock of Gaming. Totilo's in Dallas, bringing back the peace and love. Madden also dropped this week; with a splurge of coverage and controversy. And console price rumors? Oh, right, they happen every day.

The week in original reporting on Kotaku:

Kotaku's QuakeCon 2009 Coverage

Former LucasArts President Running For Congress
Thousands Attend Iowa Hall of Fame Launch
Lionhead Teases Impending News with Che's Head?
Rockstar's PSP Music Game Is Real, Coming Next Month
Bunch Of PS3 Games Go Budget This September In Japan
Alpha Protocol: More Sex Than Mass Effect, More Interrogations Than Fallout 3
GameStop Strikes Back At Best Buy In Used Game Price Wars
New CryEngine 3 Demo
If Only There Were PS2 Games On The PSN...
Bad Company Xbox 360 On Demand Offers PS3 Manual

Reviews, Previews, Impressions and Hands-On
Ashes Cricket 2009 Review: Middle Of The Order
Rage Impressions: Gun Rage, Road Rage And A Monster Closet Joke
The Beatles: Rock Band Preview: Story Mode, Beatles Beats & Beyond
Brütal Legend Multiplayer Preview: Mazel Tov, It's An RTS
Madden NFL 10 Review: Slow and Steady Wins the Game
TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Micro Review: "We're Really Hip"
Art Style: Precipice Micro-Review: But What If It's Art?
G.I. Joe Review: Now We Know
Guitar Hero 5 Wii's Roadie Battle Preview: Bring On the DS

Pieces of You: Rebuilding Myself On Consoles
Four Out Of Five Stars: How User Ratings Will Boost Your Xbox Experience
Gaming Before Chemo, A Child's Escape
Sports Ads: Everything You Want in a Video Game - and Less

White, Pink DSi Coming To America
Elite 360 Dropping In Price, RIP Pro Model
Microsoft: Halo Movie Still "On Hold"

Making Sloppy Cartoons with the DSi's Flipnote Studio
Go Play Lumberjacks So You Don't Have To

New Xbox Live Dashboard
Xbox 360 Games on Demand Region Locked [Update]
Why Depression-Era Clothes Became Xbox 360 Fashions
360 Update Brings Star Wars, BioShock Avatar Outfits
Microsoft Responds To Crazy Games On Demand Pricing
Who Needs Fuzzy Dice When You Have Xbox 360 Avatars

Madden NFL 10
EA Working on Adding Vick to Madden Roster [Update]
EA Provides Solution for Aussies' Missing Madden Codes
Aussie Madden Has No Free Online Franchise Codes. Here's Mine [Update]

Sega: Impossible To Please All Sonic Fans With One Sonic Game
Sega Will Celebrate Dreamcast's 10th Anniversary Quietly
Sega: Bayonetta Was Delayed To Avoid November Danger
Sega Updates Us On Wii Strategy, Aliens, "Sega-ness"

id Working on Three Lines of iPhone Games, One Potentially Rage-Themed
A First Look At iPhone's Duke Nukem 3D

Journalists In Video Games - An Anniversary Celebration
Before Pink Spidey, There Was Shinobi's Green Spidey