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id Working on Three Lines of iPhone Games, One Potentially Rage-Themed

Illustration for article titled id Working on Three Lines of iPhone Games, One Potentially Rage-Themed

id Software's interest in iPhone games may have started out with the the company testing the waters, but moving forward the company plans to develop three lines of games for the platform.


The first is the classics line which includes Wolfenstein 3D, which will be getting the ability to download user created levels in a future update. Next for that line will be Doom 3D, which John Carmack said will support local wifi multiplayer. Carmack said during today's Quakecon press conference, that future classics coming to the iPhone will include Quake II, Quake Arena and even, potentially, Doom 3.

The second line of titles are role-playing games like Wolfenstein RPG, which just hit the iPhone.


The third line of games headed for the iPhone are titles designed from the ground up for the Apple device. That includes, Carmack, a Rage-themed game, perhaps a racer. Carmack said that he believes that Rage game engine Id Tech 5 can run on the iPhone 3Gs

"Potentially that's eight iPhone titles," Carmack said. "I would expect an iPhone title from id every other month and that's going to be neat."

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I suspect that disturbing picture will be used for future Rage and/or iD related news....