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White, Pink DSi Coming To America

Illustration for article titled White, Pink DSi Coming To America

America, your long wait for a white DSi may soon be over. Along with your equally long, perhaps slightly less agonising wait for a pink DSi.


According to this Toys 'R' Us database listing, both colour schemes - which are already available in Japan - will be out...well, who knows, since there's no date on the printout, nor on the system that the helpful employee got the printout from.

But if they're popping up on retail systems, they can't be too far away.

Contacted for comment, Nintendo replied with the standard "we don't comment on rumours & speculation" line.

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Wow, the retardation continues, like honestly why wasn't white released in the first place its one of the standard colour swaps. Some "brilliant" mind just had to think that we as North Americans, hate the colour white, until someone smart took his place a few months after the fact to correct the mistake.

PS. I'm a owner of a JP white DSi, bought after they announced only black and cyan for NA.