CDV Software is quickly readying patches for the console versions of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, fixing the online multiplayer of the PlayStation 3 version while making sure Xbox 360 customers get their pre-order bonuses.

If it seemed like the oft-delayed console version of Ascaron's action role-playing game was still a bit rushed, that's only because it was. Xbox 360 owners who pre-ordered the game from GameStop found that the redemption codes for their promised carrier imp bonus were not working, while PlayStation 3 users discovered that local co-operative game play couldn't be taken online as promised. CDV is currently actively working to fix these issues, according to updates scattered across their website and forums.


On top of these issues, over at Team Xbox, Sacred 2 community team management member Christiane assures forum-goers that a patch to implement a trading feature in live co-op will be implemented soon as well.

Sounds to me like the game wasn't quite finished when it shipped. Luckily w live in a time where console games are patched as easily if not easier than PC titles. Thanks to Paul for keeping us updated on the incoming fixes!