Man, how bad ass would it have been for Crecente to show up in Monte Carlo behind the wheel of a Monte Carlo? Capcom should have given these cars as swag. Hell, GM's going bankrupt.

Even better, they could have hired Rod Roddy to do it, "Price is Right" style. Except Rod Roddy is dead. Except Capcom did create the T-Virus. So, Zombie Rod Roddy, come on down!!!!


How the hell did I get off on that subject? Oh yeah, Monte Carlo. Crecente went there for Captivate '09, which helped trick out our week with a fresh supply of original reportage. This list is so voluminous I'm gonna step aside with a minimalist intro. But your highlights: Dead Rising 2, Square Enix, Bioware getting pinched for banning the word "gay" in its forums, the PSP Go, and Radar O'Reilly's home town making a move toward creating a video games hall of fame. (More on that this weekend.)

New Games
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 In Play
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Confirmed With HD, Online Support, Demo Coming
Lost Planet 2: Shadows of Shadow of the Colossus
Lost Planet 2 Demo Announced, PS3, PC Versions Possible
Dead Rising 2: Handyman? Cameraman?
Square Enix Teases Unannounced "NEW GAME"

Captivate 09
Captivate 09: Day 3
Bionic Commando Multiplayer Preview: Can't Get the Swing of Things
Street Fighter IV Preview: PC Fighting
SCEE: Sony PSP Line-Up Hasn't Met Expectations
Dead Rising 2's Protagonist Will Have a Non-Killing Skill
Captivate 09: Day One

Left 4 Dead Can Track Your Statistics From Beyond The Grave
Lost Planet 2 Lets You Spank Your Own Custom Ass
Iowa Town to Announce Plans for Game Hall of Fame
Dark Void Preview: Break Neck Speed
WET Producer Talks PS3 Controls, Collision Detection
Spyborgs In Action
Rumor: Sony's New Portable Is The PSP Go!
Monumental Games Working on Next MotoGP
Spyborgs Moves Away From Cartoon and Toward Ratchet and Clank
Dark Void: Dogfighting Without the Planes
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Promises Next-Gen Graphics For Wii
Microsoft Surveys NXE Avatar Changes, Including Wearable Achievements
Bethesda Teams With Del Rey For Elder Scroll Novels
Rogue Warrior Carpet F-Bombs With Rourke

Reviews, Previews, Impressions and Hands-On
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Hands-On: From The Land Of The Ice And Snow
Zeno Clash Review: Not One For Your Father (Or Mother)
Spyborgs Preview: Why Waggle
First PixelJunk 1-4 Details, Hands On Impressions
Excitebots: Trick Racing Review: ***********
Hands-On With Uncharted 2 Multiplayer, 3-Player Coop
Resident Evil Archives Preview: Survival Frustration

Capcom Goes West
The Path For Art Games
What Ails The World's Biggest Gaming Platform?

How Not To Address Homosexuality In Gaming
BioWare Lifts Filter On Gay, Lesbian Star Wars Discussion, Issues Apology
Fallujah Developer Surprised By Cancellation
The Fate Of Six Days In Fallujah

Former Diablo III Devs Crafting iPhone "Life Companion"
Mass Effect On The iPhone Will Tell Jacob's Story

Bundled Up
Celebrate Grand Theft Auto IV's 1-Year Anniversary With Bundles
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Bundle, Demo Announced

Charts and Graphs
British Sales Charts: Vin Diesel Love
PC Sales Charts: Oh, Hi Demigod!

Spoiler X
Wow, Check Out One Of Wolverine's Secret Places

I Swear I Thought That Said 'Taint Button'
Despite the Trash Talk, No Taunt Button in Rogue Warrior