Despite the Trash Talk, No Taunt Button in Rogue Warrior

Rogue Warrior seems to be tapping into a feature-set perfected by 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand: Profanity.

As with Blood in the Sand, Rogue Warrior is chock full of four-letter words and profane trash talking. But unlike 50 Cent, Richard Marcinko's character is on auto pilot when he cuts loose with colorful phrases.


I asked Aeron Guy, senior producer at Rebellion for the game, if they planned on kicking the cussing up a notch and, as with Blood on the Sand, allow it to not only spice up the conversations, but impact score.

No, not really.

"We tried to keep them triggered to what's going on in the game," he said. "It always raises a smile when he does one of his lines. He has some fantastic sayings."


It's too bad, because I think the ability to earn cash by taunting your opponents during a kill is highly under-utilized.

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