The team behind the Gothic series have picked a winning batch of screenshots to represent their upcoming PC and Xbox 360 role-playing game, Risen.

Piranha Byte's Risen was revealed last August before the Leipzig Games Festival in German, and since then...well, we hadn't heard much. So far we know that the game takes place on a volcanic island filled with mysterious ruins and bizarre creatures, with the player character shipwrecked and forbidden to leave.

I suppose we know a bit more now that we've seen these screens. For instance, judging by the top picture, it looks like Piranha Byte's signature humor is intact, and a series of same shot, different time of day screens tell us that there will indeed be a day and night cycle. And trees. And a little blacksmithing.


Check out the full gallery below to get a better feel for Risen, rising on the 360 and PC sometime later this year.