Flipping Obi-Wan from good to bad? Is this pro rasslin'? Apparently Free Radical's decided to turn eternal Force face Ben Kenobi to heel. I'd rather see a bunkhouse stampede with Zuckuss, Porkins, and a Dianoga.

The retcon or newcon or noncon or whatever it was that eagle-eyed Crecente spotted in the leaked Battlefront III footage led another lively week of original reporting on Kotaku. Here is the week that was:

A Buyer's Guide To A Console Generation Past
The Wii Holiday Grey Market 3: When Supply Meets Demand


Rockstar: Sorry, No Grand Theft Auto "V" In 2009
Major Minor's Majestic March Dated For Japan
Official Street Fighter IV Training Manual Packed with Cammy Junk, Seth Moves
Monster Hunter G Dated, Getting Own Classic Controller

Frankenreview: Mirror's Edge (PC)
Lumines Supernova Review: Still Shinin'

Kotaku Reports December NPD Numbers, Seems Pleased
Nintendo Responds To December NPD Sales, Seems Pleased
Microsoft Responds To December NPD Sales, Seems Pleased
Sony Responds To December NPD Sales, Seems Pleased
Nintendo Breaks More Sales Records, Sells Over 5 Million Consoles In December
What Was 2008's Best Selling Game In The U.S.?
Nintendo's Wii And DS Sales Numbers Conquer Europe

CES 2009
Here's Your 2009 Consumer Electronics Show Coverage

Welcome to the Fams
Welcome To the Family: A Letter From Playstation's Peter Dille
Welcome To the Family: A Letter From Xbox 360's John Schappert

Obi-Wan, from a Certain Point of View
The Death of Evil Obi Flies in the Face of Flush Video Game Industry
Leaked Battlefront 3 Vid Reveals Surprising Plot Twist?

EA’s in Yr HR Ofc, Firin’ Ppl
Rumor: EA Planning More Layoffs, Mobile Division Already Hit
Rumor: EA Shuts Down Pandemic Studios Down Under
EA Responds to Pandemic Rumor

Suicide Girls Rock Band Their Pants Off