We rounded up the year in Kotaku Kontent, did some podcast postapalooza, and unveiled our nominees for the Goaties this week. Oh, and managed to get in posts about farting and pee-pee.

Here is your week in original coverage, with another reminder that the weekend-mans gets a New Year's holiday too, so we're running a short shift today and tomorrow.


Vibras Five.One Surround Sound Headset Review
Meteos Wars Micro-Review: Make It Rain
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars: Hardcore Returns to the Wii
Dissidia: Final Fantasy Import Review: The [Evil] Emperor's New [Suit of Armor]

PlayStation Home And Second Life: Worlds Apart

Kotaku's Game of the Year Finalists
Kotaku's Game of the Year Nominations

Podcastalooza: The News You May Have Missed
Chet Faliszek Talks Left 4 Dead's Future
Castle Crashers with Major Nelson
Call of Duty: World at War: Balancing Historic Realism With Fun

2008 in Review:
Kotaku's Most Read and Commented Stories of 2008
A Year In Review: The Top Reviews Of 2008
A Year in Review: The Top Features and Reporting Of 2008
The Top Gaming Videos of 2008

Second Life Cheating Husband Surprised by Movie Deal
Cortex Command, My Secret Holiday Joy

New Year's TUD:
Welcome to 2009, What Are Your Gaming Resolutions?
Show Me The Games You Got In 2008 & I'll Show You Mine
New Year's Resolutions For The Game Industry

Bodily Functions:
Urine The Video Game: Clicking And Dragging To A Healthy Tinkle
Play Pinball, Learn About Farts

Owen Makes a Ass of Hisself, Again
The King of Stampede