To: Bash, Luke
From: Owen
Re: Disemvoweling

I have company visiting in a month and my apartment still looks like graduate student housing, so this will be a short note, as I have home improvement to do. Actually, I have half a mind to get some Sims IKEA going and plan out all 550 square feet of this place that way. It doesn't look that small because the ceilings are so tall. But that's space I don't get to use without creative shelving and such. I'll be mounting a bike rack in my "living room" later so, if you check in on me via IM, I might be in a real crappy mood.

Also, I totally buried the lede on that Old Snake thing with PSN. That photo, found by reader RageTowers, should have run on the front, not the jump, but the video code screwed that up, so that's why I put it above. I cannot look at that without laughing, and it's a great capper for all the fun we had this weekend. Luke, if you can nothankyou.jpg that thing I'll be in your debt.

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