To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Fireworks, Kiddy Yukata And Tom Waits (Oh, And The Olympics Started) So I announced the Disemvoweling Razor to the readers today. It looks like just about everyone got it. It's really a way for us to warn people who are on the cusp of being banned. While I'm happy we've finally figured out a step between banned and not-banned, I still wish we could add an icon next to readers who keep screwing up, like one final warning before banninating. I guess I'm sappy that way. What you missed: Arrested Teen Blames GTA For Hit Firebombing Spree Far Cry 2 PC Specs Revealed Kotaku's New Tool: The Straight Razor of Disemvoweling Does Kotaku Manscape? Godfather II: More Visceral, Strategic, Open in Feb. Early Images From Games Convention 2008 Child Waiting for New Heart Has PSP Stolen 8-Bit Office: Inside GameTrailers' New Office Here's That Wii Third Party Sales Proof You Requested