You know, I could sit here and encapsulate the entire preceding week in Kotaku original journalism for you. But once you see that we reported on teh boobie (I saw your pageviews for the Jo Garcia feature), all else is static in your ears. So yes, there was a porn-slash-video game post this week. And it was barely beaten out by a look at live-action Chun Li, who more resembles someone cast for China Beach in her publicity shot (above left). Like I said, as a young boy, I loved the old Roy Thomas John Buscema/Barry Windsor-Smith tits-and-axe "Savage Sword of Conan" paintings. Until I saw that M*A*S*H* where some wounded soldier got a POV sponge bath from Hot Lips Houlihan (no, I'm not making that up, it was Nov. 20, 1978). So this week, we have synthesis.

The week in original copy:

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