Your Game Consoles Have Hazardous Chemicals
Comment by: Nico8332
Nominated by: cheez

I hear the Playstation 4 is being built from liquid VX8-nerve gas encased in depleted uranium. The controllers are built from baby seals, puppies and two square miles of rainforest.

Olympic Committee Prez Doesn't See "Real" Success In Video Games
Comment by: spectheintro
Nominated by: huginn

Are we really so defensive of our hobbies that now we refuse to recognize them for what they are?

Games provide absolutely no lasting merit to the person who completes them. You don't walk away from a game that you've "mastered" with any meaningful accomplishments—you are not more physically fit, you are not healthier, you are not substantially more intelligent. You have simply mastered a small set of skills that will have absolutely no impact on the rest of your life. And it doesn't matter how difficult it was to master those set of skills; simply because something is difficult does not make it worthwhile. Games exist, fundamentally, to emulate the real world (or a fantasy world.) In fact, the only times a game succeeds in breaking away from emulation and wanders into creation or other "real" endeavors (i.e. not pretending to be doing something that one could feasibly do in a real or fantasy world) are when it strays away from the "gaming." (Note that I am only talking about the act of playing games—creating a game is an entirely different story.)

This does not make games less worthwhile. And if you read the article, he's not advocating watching the Olympics over playing video games. He's lamenting the fact that interest in sport, overall, has dropped off—and he even states that it's not just a medical thing. And he's right: we're not just getting heavier because of the food that we eat; our attitudes have shifted pretty dramatically as well. And this isn't a good thing. Everyone acts like sports are some way to get picked on and tormented and quite frankly it's bullshit—I was a fat nerd in elementary and middle school and I *loved* playing sports. I just happened to love playing video games and reading books more, but as I've grown, I've found that being physically active and having face-to-face interactions with my peers is much more meaningful and satisfying than gunning down someone in CoD 4. (Although that, too, is awesome.)

It's not always about competition and "being the best," and I can't fathom why so many posters here act as if every athlete conforms to the "asshole jock" stereotype. I have witnessed MUCH more virulent denigration and overall assholishness on Xbox Live and WoW than I have *ever* seen displayed on a sports field.

Games are what they are—games. I'll be the first to admit that not all sports are created equal. But *any* activity where I am interacting with the physical world and doing something *real* is inherently more meaningful than a game, where I'm only pretending to do so. The things that could make the game more meaningful—an intellectually (or emotionally) stimulating story, beautiful music, gorgeous art—are all things that are not intrinsic to gaming, but are instead tacked on to complement the gameplay.

There's nothing wrong or insulting about those statements. It sure as hell isn't going to make me stop gaming.

Wii Gamers Are Hardcore Gamers
Comment by: megaStryke
Nominated by: Sixtail

It'll never stop with you people, will it? The proof is right in front of you yet you continue to ignore it:

The "hardcore" claimed that the Wii would bomb right out the gate because it was underpowered and not sold at a loss. PS3 and 360 were expected to shoot up like nobody's business. Yet, the Wii proved them wrong.

The "hardcore" then claimed that Nintendo was abandoning the hardcore. Yet, in the past year and a half, Nintendo BY THEMSELVES released some of the most critically acclaimed games from their core stable. In fact, it was completely unprecedented that Nintendo could squeeze out a major Zelda title, a Metroid Prime title that proved FPS controls on the Wii, a Mario game that has rivaled the mighty Mario 64 in most circles, the sequel to the GameCube's best-selling Melee, and even more specialized fare in titles like Battalion Wars and Fire Emblem.

The "hardcore" then claimed that it was not these games that were selling but Wii Sports and Wii Play and nothing else. In fact, no one was buying anything else because the only consumers of the Wii were little kids and old people who only ever buy one game and then no more! Yet, Nintendo's software-to-hardware ratio is rising faster than any console before it. It exceeds that of the PS3 globally, and in many regions it has surpassed that of the 360. In the US, the Wii has sold more software per system than either the PS3 and the 360, and its tie ratio is set to surpass that of the 360 around the time that it finally overtakes the 360 in console sales.

The "hardcore" then claimed that the Wii is targeting another market entirely and will go completely "casual" (which would imply that they contradict themselves in that there aren't "hardcore" titles). They don't believe that companies would ever want to develop titles directed at them when only "garbage" sells and "AAA masterpieces" fly on other systems. Yet, we hear major announcements like Monster Hunter 3 jumping from the PS3 to the Wii, Namco slowly bringing RPGs like Tales of Symphonia 2 and Fragile over, Grasshopper and Tecmo working hard on Fatal Frame IV, and recently Sega and platinum games pushing a new franchise in MadWorld. This of course doesn't account for the many companies who have yet to OFFICIALLY announce their wares.

The "hardcore" then claim that the Wii isn't innovating or disrupting this industry. It's clearly holding everyone back. Yet, we hear about companies going under or merging because of major underperformance. Sega merged with Sammy, Atari disappeared from the NASDAQ, etc. etc. Multimillion-dollar projects fail to generate enough revenue to offset the massive costs. It's a path that, should the industry continue to follow, will lead to massive closures left and right canceled projects, despite industry spending rising year to year. So Nintendo creates a platform that hopes to slow the rising costs of development. A platform where risks can be made without the fear of dipping deep into the red zone. This is a GOOD direction.

The "hardcore" then make more and more excuses. The hardware sells. The software sells. Companies are moving the developments onto the Wii and those that refuse WILL be strong-armed by their publishers because the market leader should not be ignored. It's a much-needed refresh for the entire industry, and yet the "hardcore" cannot fathom how this could be any good?

The "hardcore" can't fathom how anyone could legitimately like the Wii and its games.

The "hardcore" can't fathom how this machine continues to sell month after month.

The "hardcore" can't fathom how they are not the center of the universe.

The "hardcore" won't admit that there is a solid experience to be had on the Wii.

The "hardcore" won't admit that expanding a market will create long-lasting consumers. Maybe not all of them, but you have to attract customers initially somehow.

The "hardcore" won't admit that the Wii is positioned as a device that reminds everyone that even the simplest pleasures can be the most enjoyable.

The "hardcore" won't admit any of this because they feel entitled to everything. They need everything right NOW. The Wii isn't everything, so they throw fits because it is "destroying gaming" and any evidence that proves the opposite is ignored.

What do they do? The "hardcore" ask for more evidence. They don't really want evidence but rather proof that the Wii is pure hellspawn. If there is some positive Wii news, they want some statistics that show that people are stuffing Wiis in the closet. If the attach rate goes up, they want to have often consumers are REALLY playing those games and how many are licensed garbage.

And should anyone ever insinuate that the Wii is anything but pure casual trash (say, for instance, that it is for anyone and everyone), then THIS happens. And you all should be ashamed for calling yourselves gamers.

Breaking Into The Industry
Comment by: kyouryuu
Nominated by: Irixyu

"It's no wonder that just having an education or degree in game development will not automatically translate into a job in the industry."

No kidding, Sherlock. That's perhaps the most telling part of his whole essay. It says, "I bought an education, I got a slip of paper that says I'm experienced, now give me a job."

That mentality is typical of graduates from trade schools. Your DeVrys, Universities of Phoenix and Collins Colleges. These places have no positive reputation because everyone knows that given enough money, they'll hand over whatever degree you want. More damaging, they lure prospects into believing that the school can teach them everything they need to know to instantly get a job.

That's a lie, plain and simple, and if you put all of your faith into one of these .com colleges, you are sabotaging your chances.

I've interviewed many candidates for design positions. Speaking from a design standpoint, if you are an applicant looking to break into the industry, mod experience is huge. Mod experience tells me two things:

- One, it tells me that you went out on your own to learn a skill and master it to the point where you can contribute to a major project. You are a self-starter (this is huge!). You've already gone above and beyond the million-and-one faceless and naive DeVry graduates.

- Two, it tells me you can work in a team environment, even if the team is scattered across the world. You have to confer with others, meet deadlines, and worry about things people in the industry have to worry about.

There are varying degrees of mods, of course. Obviously, you want to participate in a good mod that has a chance of being successful rather than some random total conversation your friend Bob came up with last Monday. Likewise, if you are the kind of person who builds maps just for the hell of it, then more power to you. Most of the legions of bright-eyed trade school graduates can't profess that, and this tells me you are truly passionate about what you do.

The bottom line is, if you're trapped in one of those trade schools, you have to go above and beyond your peers. Cause they took the same course you did and completed the same projects you completed. Tell me why I should hire you instead of the hundreds of others out there.

A Week In Comments
Comment by: Garro
Nominated by: I_hate_this_Place

I have the freedom of speach to call people what I damn well please. Now, if I were to do it repeatedly and persistantly, then it's harassment.

Look, human rights is a serious issue, but XBL is HARDLY the place to start carrying that torch. Are we REALLY giving words that much power? Seriousley?

They're words, over the internet, for all of 10 minutes.

Bigotry is always going to be an issue, no matter where you are, and I think it seriousley undermines the core fight when people react so strongly to these people over XBL or the internet as a whole.

I'm not saying you shouldn't mute them and file a complaint, I'm just saying, Cchrist is blowing this way out of proportion.

Everyone talks about desensitization to violence and what not in the media, but no one talks about America being TOO sensitive to things like this. When we start giving words the power to tear down our reasoning, shackle up our ability to think, and turn us into raving monsters about injustice and righteousness, we have a serious problem.

The civil rights movement was a powerful moment in America's history, and many people are still fighting that fight. They're fighting for real issues, real discrimination and real bigotry that's institutionalized. These days, you're only hurting that fight when you start swinging that hammer of "racism" this and "homophobia" that for every god damn little thing.

No, bigotry isn't gone. No, not everything is equal. And that makes it all the more imperitive that people stay focused on important isues, and not worrying so much about this small shit. If that little speach was given about a black guy being called a nigger at school or work in a threatening way, then fine, more power to the people who stand with him in defending himself. But we're talking XBL, the internet, complete anonymity and totally forgetable events.

The great irony of all this is that the so-called victims don't seem to be in nearly as large an uproar as many Kotakuites so eaily slip into. I've played countless games where derogatory slurs of all sorts were thrown around, and the peole on the recieving end responded in kind. The way you paint the picture, I'd expect the Black Panthers to be busting down doors and making citezens arrests for hate speach.

It's time to wake up and smell the fucking cofee: the times we live in now aren't 40 years ago, and such a strong sentiment regarding this issue is akin to donning powerpuff crusader armor and bopping the big bad biggot monsters with the wand o' warm fuzzies. Save all that for real issues, for real problems, not this nonsense.

The time to stand up and fight for equality is NOT going to come from XBL.

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