Olympic Committee Prez Doesn't See "Real" Success In Video Games

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Kids aren't as interested in sports and it's hard to get them involved, says International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge. Young people like other things! Video games, for instance. Says Rogge:

Kids are attracted to visual, interactive forms of communication. It's not going to be easy for sport to counter that... You won't hear me saying sport is not fun — it is. But it requires austerity and discipline. The answer is achievement. You will never achieve in a video game. It is not really success.


So glad the IOC is headed by an open minded fellow.

London 2012 And The Game Gen [The Times via MCVUK]

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Nightshift Nurse

I'm torn here. On the one hand I've been playing games for the last twenty years and can honestly attest to the fact that a breadth of experience and knowledge of them really doesn't add anything beneficial to one's life. On the other hand I'm absolutely disgusted with America's (at the very least) worship of athletes. As corny as it may seem, I do find it appalling that one can make more money stuffing a ball through a net than by being an excellent teacher or generally doing something useful for society. Christ, at least artists contribute to the overall intellectual and spiritual health of our culture, and its the lucky few who will ever make enough money to even call it a "day job".

I don't think I'd be prepared to say games offer the individual player any sort of benefit until developers stop pulling punches and deliver truly compelling, challenging (in a moral sense), and artful experiences. I've seen a few titles scratch that surface, but we're not quite there yet.