The more casual console collectors in the audience may scoff at the asking price for this PowerFest '94 Competition Super Nintendo, but if you've got an extra fifty-thousand dollar bill lying around, you really can't go wrong with this little stocking stuffer. Built for the Nintendo World Championships II competition, this one of a kind survivor — only 32 were made, they say — from the early '90s is a hidden bargain. Why? According to the seller, it features level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, five laps of the first track from Super Mario Kart and the home run derby from Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball. That's practically a hundredth of a full game, right there! For further details on this high priced item, hit up the eBay auction. SNES Super Nintendo Powerfest '94 Competition NWC II [eBay via VGPC - thanks, Tony!]