3D Coming To The PS3 In 2010 [Update]

As expected, Sony have announced at the IFA Consumer Electronics show in Berlin that stereoscopic 3D will be coming to the PlayStation 3 in 2010.


This kind of 3D doesn't need a "special" TV (catch: you will need a 200hz+ set); rather, you just need a set of stereoscopic glasses, the likes of which you've probably already used once or twice at the movies in recent years. Or even at a games show, to play some WipeOut.

The update will come via a firmware update sometime next year, and will work for, apparently, "all" existing games. Apparently. Hey, it's their claim, not ours.

Sounds gimmicky, I know, but combine this with the PS3's motion controller and - dorky appearance aside - it could be something special.


PS3's new 3D mode captured on video, coming in 2010 to all existing games [Engadget]

UPDATE - Sony have issued a statement clarifying the information presented at IFA.


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