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CES 09: Eyes-On With PlayStation 3 In 3D

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony's not just focusing on electronic wizardry it can sell you now, it wants to get you pumped up for products it will sell in the future. Like playing games in three dimensions.

The electronics giant is dazzling CES attendees with a trio of 3D Bravia displays, purely for tech demo purposes. While the tech requires a dedicated monitor capable of displaying a 3D signal and forces the viewer to wear special, but still very hip-looking glasses, they're of the polarized variety, not the red and blue lens style as seen on Mr. Ken Kutaragi up there. (Sorry, actual photos don't do the technology any favors.)


How is it?

Amazing, really. Seeing PlayStation 3 games like MotorStorm, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and Wipeout HD in simulated 3D is surprisingly convincing. And, according to Sony reps on the show floor, it also helps give a better sense of depth perception in the above mentioned racing games. It certainly impressed more than the video content Sony was showing off, but we're clearly biased (toward video games, that is).


The only downside noticeable while standing near the space-age display was that screen-tearing is much more annoying in 3D.

We've been promised a chance to go hands-on with the PS3 games in 3D later today (shhh... don't tell) so, hopefully, we'll be able to give you the verdict on not just how it looks, but how it plays.