Illustration for article titled Report: Sony To Ship 3D TVs, 3D-Ready PS3 Games

The PlayStation company is putting its electronics might behind 3D television technology, with Sony expected to start selling fancy three-dimensional displays next year—with 3D PlayStation 3 games being readied to capitalize on the technology.


According to the Financial Times, Sony boss man Sir Howard Stringer will be announcing the company's plans to invest in 3D LCD TVs at the IFA show in Berlin. And he'll also be announcing Sony laptop computers, PlayStation 3 games and Blu-ray players that will be compatible with the technology.

With the PS3 already capable of playing 4D games, according to former PlayStation exec Ken Kutaragi, one has to wonder "Why the step back?"


Sony plans to put 3D televisions in homes by the end of next year [FT]

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