I look at the three colorways (color variants) of 3A Toys' Doctor Doom figure and I see several hundred dollars ready to evacuate my bank account. Evan Narcisse looks at them and sees pointy shoes. Doom is not pleased.

Marvel Comics most iconic villain showed his variant colors today over at 3A's website (via Super Punch), and I have to say I am torn. Torn between the dark elegance of the Classic Edition and the sharply-defined lines of the white Ghost Edition. Leaning towards the Ghost right now, but my heart is fickle — the weakness of a mere mortal, trembling before the power of Doom.

I like the feet. They seem to be the sort of armor boots an all-powerful evil genius would wear, simply for the opportunity to vaporize anyone who snickered at them. Doom cares not for Keds.


Keep an eye on the 3A website for more on this striking figure. They'll be posting a Lookbook very soon, featuring many more pictures to stare at longingly.