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Microsoft is taking the wireless microphone from their Lips and sending it packing, making its increased game support even more appealing by releasing it on its own this fall.


With support recently introduced for both Guitar Hero: Metallica and Rock Band 2, the wireless microphone double-packed with copies of Microsoft's karaoke game Lips are rather conveniently little devices, and they'll be much more convenient this fall, when they are released as standalone products. The fall release has them hitting store shelves just in time for Lips: Number One Hits and The Beatles: Rock Band, both of which will support the wireless device.


Great news for music game lovers, but the price isn't all that nice. With the current Lips bundled retailing at $49.99 with two microphones, the standalone product's $50 price tag really only means one should probably run out and buy that Lips bundle.

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Okay, seriously....$50 for a wireless mic?

1) I'm guessing this means the second Lips game will NOT include any microphones, and thus you will have to spend $60 on the title and then $50 on a single mic. So even if you don't want the bundle and then ditch the game at Gamestop. You spend $40 on two mics and get back maybe $10 for the game.

2) Compatibility for these is STILL not confirmed for anything but GH:Metallica. And the liklihood of compatibility being patched in to older music games (we're talking GHWT/RB1 and older) is very unlikely.

3) Why waste $50 on a wireless mic that's only good on the 360 when you can buy a wired mic at Gamestop for $10 used. Every Gamestop I've been to has at least 10 of them hanging around, from various brands ranging from Guitar Hero and Rock Band to Singstar and Disney's music games. Guess what...they ALL work. That's two mics for HALF the price of ONE.

Is wireless THAT important that people are going to let themselves get reemed on prices?