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36 Perfect Games Already Have Been Pitched in MLB 2K12

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In a little more than two days since the contest began, three dozen perfect games already have been verified in the MLB 2K12 $1,000,000 Challenge, the game's social media manager said about three hours ago. There's a leaderboard up showing who the early contenders are to make an eight-man tournament where the grand prize will be awarded.


One of those dudes is someone likely to have his Gamertag forcibly changed quite soon. That would be, uh, PUHSIPOUNDER84, currently sitting in fifth place. Position on the leaderboard is according to a score given for just how perfect your game was. The quality of the opposition and of the pitcher throwing the perfect game has plenty to do with it. Also, if you retire all 27 guys but maybe strike out 12 of them, that's better than a guy who retires all 27 and whiffs only six using the same pitcher in the same game. (All the qualifying games are derived from the MLB Today menu of offerings, which are based on real world matchups.)

The current first place leader is DONTTASEMEBRO22 who threw a gem with Luis Mendoza of the Kansas City Royals against the San Diego Padres in an exhibition game on Wednesday. No. 2 is FPSPOWNZ, who threw a perfect game with the other side of that contest, Edinson Volquez of the Padres against the Royals. This portion of the contest ends in April.


$1,000,000 Challenge [MLB 2K]

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Why is it that all gamertags have to have XxxXXX's all over the place, Start with FPS, have PWNZ, COD, 1337, or other phrases in them.

Granted I have had an xbox live account for ages (since day 1) - but I've changed my gamertag enough to know that there are plenty of options that don't require you to replace letters with numbers in order to get something original or unique.

It's kind of ridiculous...