Glitch videos were commonplace after MLB 2K9's release but I never expected 2K Sports to make one of its one. That's the kind of penance 2K Sports has to do after MLB 2K9, I suppose.

So this year, we can expect balls to be hit when a bat swings through them, we can expect them to be caught when a fielder camps underneath them, and players will actually collide, rather slide through the astral projection of the guy covering first (and leaning in entirely the wrong direction.) Rad!

Serioudly, though. Don't overlook the better lighting and shading - everything looked like it was played on an overcast day last year - and the truer-to-life animations and signature motions (such as Mariano Rivera in the stretch.)


The demo is out now (on Xbox 360 only) if you want a look at how the game plays. The full version is out Tuesday.

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