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Since we just got off this discussion of how hitting will work - now with check swings! - in MLB 2K10, here's a video showing how at bats will play out in the game, for both pitchers and hitters.


It also offers a good three-minute look at gameplay. While MLB 2K10's visuals are not as crisp as the uncommonly good MLB 10 The Show, they have improved noticeably over last year's game. One thing I'm not crazy about here is the typeface on the name-tape above the uniform numeral. It doesn't correspond to its normal presentation and many teams (the Braves, for example) have variances on this.


I offer this criticism fully aware of its aesthetic nature. Then again, baseball fans are notoriously picky about such things. But it has nothing to do with the gameplay, which I'll have to spend more time with once the game releases March 2.

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