2K Sports Indicates NBA 2K10 Patch Coming in Two Weeks

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Framerate and connectivity issues have plagued NBA 2K10 since its release date Tuesday, and 2K Sports have put out word that they are working to put out an update fast and correct multiplayer issues even faster.


Many have complained of bad framerate issues that some say render the game almost unplayable, although I myself have not encountered it. That said, some of the problem may involve multiplayer games - which I and many others have found difficult if not impossible to connect to over the past two days. The problems seem mostly to involve the Xbox 360 version. (Clarification. They only involve the 360 version because I forgot the PS3 version is not out yet.)

"We're diligently working on a game update for NBA 2K10. Our primary focus is on addressing the framerate issues and online concerns that are being reported," says 2K Sports forum admin SimBaller. "In addition to this, we are planning to address a number of other issues that you have reported to us."

The patch 2K Sports plans to roll sounds like it will be available by the end of next week, as that's when SimBaller says he will "be publishing a full list of all the issues fixed in the patch. I'm confident you will be more than satisfied with the changes we are making to every aspect of the game."

Players have complained of black screens and freezes. Some complain of a framerate degradation that renders the game almost unplayable. Others say the it drops noticeably during cutscenes and spots in the game where a lot of players are clustered together.

I've been playing the game this week and find the framerate drops noticeably - but not to an unplayable degree - when I get into camera angles with a ton of people on the screen - crowd shots after timeouts, huge traffic jams in the lane, that sort of thing.

As far as multiplayer, that is its own set of problems. Pasta Padre's sports blog has mentioned troubles on the 2K server involving very problematic lag or the inability to connect to the 2K Sports server which some have experienced over the past two days, myself included.


If any of this concerns you, head on over and make yourself heard. But it's definitely not the kind of forum post 2K Sports would rather read in this games launch week.

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this happens every year with nba 2k. at this point, it's hard to believe they have any kind of beta testing.

the first thing i did with 2k10 was go online, and the lag was pretty bad when the ball would be in the post. i thought it was an online issue, then i played offline later on and the lag was still there. it's definitely borderline unplayable. it's bad enough to annoy the hell out of you, but it's just tolerable enough to keep you from turning it off.