2K Signs Tiger Woods, Buys The Studio Behind PGA Tour 2K21

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Image: 2K

From 1998 through 2013 golf superstar Tiger Woods was the face of EA’s PGA Tour series of video games. Now Woods is back in the video game business, only this time he’s signed an exclusive long-term contract with 2K as the face, executive director, and consultant on the PGA Tour 2K series. Along with the Woods deal, 2K has also acquired HB Studios, the developers behind PGA Tour 2K21.


Basically, 2K just really upped its golf game. They’ve got Tiger Woods, previously the face of EA Sports’ now-defunct golf series and the most recognizable golf player in the world. They’ve got HB Studios, the Canadian studio behind The Golf Club series as well as the very well-received PGA Tour 2K21. Looks like 2K is holding all the golf cards. Golf has cards, right? Golf should have cards.

Here is 2K’s little celebratory video, in which Tiger Woods pumps his fist and high-fives people.

It’ll be nice to see Tiger Woods back on some video game covers.

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Lord Bobbymort

Boy do I miss playing a good golf game. I’m glad to see 2k is potentially picking up the pieces left by EA on that front.

You know what I miss more? A GD TENNIS GAME.