Oh Yeah? Well EA Is Making Its Own Damn Golf Game Again

They don’t need no effing screenshots.
They don’t need no effing screenshots.
Image: EA

Two weeks ago 2K announced it signed Tiger Woods, the long-time face of EA’s defunct PGA Tour series, to an exclusive long-term contract for its PGA Tour 2K series. Now EA announces it’s bringing back EA Sports PGA Tour for its first new installment since 2015. We got us a good old-fashioned video game golf war on our hands.


Tiger Woods was the face and name of EA’s PGA Tour series from 1998 through 2013. The company skipped 2014, returning in 2015 with the renamed, re-faced Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour, which got so-so reviews and basically killed the series. Now it’s back, with a new installment being worked on by the folks at EA Tiburon. EA’s got a new long-term deal with the PGA Tour, so expect licensed courses, licensed players, and licensed everything else. No word on a licensed golfer for the game title, but I’m sure that will be the subject of a cover reveal somewhere down the line. Fingers crossed for Happy Gilmore. He’s my favorite.

Expect more EA Sports PGA Tour news in the coming weeks, with a release date reveal expected in the coming months.

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Wait a second: I thought 2K/HB Studios had secured the PGA Tour license? How the hell can EA also make a PGA Tour game?