On the evening of April 5, two parents were gaming at a Sapporo arcade. They took their eyes off their kid. It was then that their two year old daughter went missing.

A 28 year-old man supposedly took the girl by the hand and took her from the arcade. According to reports, he apparently intended to molest her.


About 450 meters from the arcade, the little girl began crying as they made their way to another arcade, where he dropped off the kid, saying the child was lost. A staffer thought the man looked suspicious, and called the authorities, and the 28-year-old suspected kidnapper is now in police custody.

This is the second small child in recent months that has been kidnapped right under neath the nose of a parent. Sadly, the last one wasn't so lucky.

女児連れ去り容疑で男逮捕 - 社会ニュース [Nikkan Sports] [Pic]

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