Fall Guys' Second Season Is Medieval Themed

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If you ever wished your local Renaissance Faire was more colorful, you’re in luck. Fall Guys’ second season will be themed after the medieval era, developer Mediatonic revealed today during Gamescom’s “Opening Night Live” event.

For those who’ve spent August under the rock or in the woods (hey, I wouldn’t blame you), Fall Guys is a 60-person battle royale platformer set around five rounds of mini-games. It’s all very cheery and wholesome, especially compared to other battle royales, like Call of Duty: Warzone or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and has become the smash success of the summer.

The second season will feature new rounds, and some sweet costumes that look straight out of How To Train Your Dragon or some other period-appropriate film. Here’s a quick look:

Mediatonic did not reveal a release date. But on PlayStation 4, the in-game menu says Fall Guys’ first season will end in 39 days. Mark your calendars, Yellow Team.

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